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About Me!


My name is Samantha and I would like to share my story with you. Late spring 2016, I arrived here at the Erie county SPCA from Virginia as a rescue transfer. Fortunately, I was only there a few days when I introduced to my new Mommy and Daddy. Oddly, I did not know how life changing this event was going to be. You see my Daddy is a disabled veteran whom had to retire due to complications with his disability. But, that is okay, I underwent very specialized training to become a Service Dog to help him daily. However, as time went by they soon discovered I had other talents.

My Mommy also had to retire from the medical field due to disability and  became a full- time minister. She centers on serving the elderly in nursing homes or wherever needed. I am included when she holds Sunday services and I love to sing “Amazing Grace” too. My Mommy always has treats for nice people at her service and that is when I discovered she was a very talented in the kitchen and when not assisting my Daddy. I spent time there with her baking and cooking all kinds of wonderful smelling and tasty culinary goodies.

Every day is new adventure for me and wherever I go, people comment how lovable and sweet I am… Hence “Sweets by Samantha”. I am quite sure you will give my made from scratch People delicacies a “ 5 Paw rating”( instead of stars). The proceeds from these baked goods provide the funds for my Mommy’s ministry work since she does not solicit donations. My family strives every day to serve God and share the goodness with all we meet. Therefore, I hope you could see we are trying to make a difference and I just love making them with my Mommy!

Chef Sammy says; You'll love them! Rated Five Paws for Excellence!


Cup Cakes